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What We Do

Residential Work


Our approach can begin at the earliest stage of a project when it is still an idea in the client’s mind or simply scribbled on a piece of paper. During the design phase we help establish project objectives and develop a construction plan and drawings. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that project costs fall within their budget. Once these phases are complete, Atlas executes the construction work in a professional and timely manner delivering a finished product that gives our clients everything they asked for and more. 


Residential Services

Custom Homes


Atlas understands the importance of building a space that our clients will eventually call home. Using our well-established and professional tradesmen along with experienced supervision, top quality and satisfaction are always guaranteed.

Design / Build


We work closely with our clients to develop and ensure that the design is both cost effective and constructible, giving the client the unique space they always wanted.

Renovations / Remodeling 


The goal of an interior renovation is to transform an existing space into something new and unique while minimizing the disruption to unaffected areas. We create the new dream space our clients are looking for by focusing on detail and striving for perfection while meeting deadlines. Our method and expertise helps give clients peace of mind throughout the entire construction process. 



After completing over 30 additions, Atlas has developed a great understanding for this type of construction. Additions can be very difficult and technically challenging due to issues such as site access, size, structural components, and most importantly the transition between the existing and new structure. With our experience we are able to forsee these challenges and solve them in the appropriate way.

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